Adirondack International Speedway
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Pit Area Quick Information

This is not a rulebook, however it entails some quick information, that is good to know before coming to our Speedway

The following is PROHIBITED in the Pit Area
• NO Glass
• NO Illegal Drugs
• NO Firearms, or Fireworks of any kind
• NO Unsupervised children (14 or under)
• NO Speeding

    Race Teams

    • Late Models - The Head Spotter for all Late Model teams MUST report to the main control tower in the grandstand area during Late Model competition. Spotters must be atop the tower BEFORE the Late Models take to the track. All cars must have a spotter on this roof that holds direct communication with the driver. The spotters must have their cars number taped to their left shoulder.

    • Transponders are mandatory for all Late Model teams. They will be available for rent at the track, however, any teams looking to purchase these units can purchase new units direct from AMB Scoring:

    • One-Way Radio Communication. All teams in all divisions must have one-way radios. The drivers in all support divisions must be equipped with the radio. For the Late Model teams, each team must have radio communication from the Race Director to the competing drivers, by way of Spotter or the driver directly. These radios will not be available for rent. The radios may be any traditional one-way radio scanner or those available at

    Warm-Ups & Hot Laps

    • All divisions will receive at least 10 minutes of practice/warm-up time prior to racing action

    • The Late Model division will receive two (approx 10 min.) sessions of hot laps, unless otherwise noted, and/or if time constraints figure otherwise.

    • Each night, the Late Models will get 4-5 "at speed" laps prior to the feature event to gain heat in their tires before the race will officially start.

    Parking of Haulers

    • There is no charge for parking in the pit area, during any event

    • We ask that you leave the front stretch area in the infield open for Late Model competitors only

    • Please park as close together as possible as high car counts are leaving several competitors without parking space


    • Coolers are permitted, however, NO GLASS IS ALLOWED

    • Alcoholic beverages are allowed, however, NO alcohol can be brought into the grandstands. If caught the alcohol will be confiscated and not returned

    • Coolers are subject to inspection by the Speedway Gate Staff and/or Security

    • Only six-pack size coolers are allowed to be carried into the grandstand area.

    • NO drinking of alcoholic beverages in the pit area until ALL racing is complete. If caught, your team will be disqualified and can be disqualified without warning.

    • Spectating from Pit Area

    • The only spectating area outside of pit road is the grass area that spans the length of the front stretch, behind the infield wall.

    • You must stand BEHIND the concrete barrier that separates the Speedway area from the pit area. There is to be NO standing on the infield wall.

    Pit Board/Pit Tower

    • The Pit Board is located adjacent to the start/finish line on the front stretch. It is where you will find the working pit steward and also where you will find the schedule of the day, heat race lineups, feature lineups and any notable information.

    • All complaints/protests and/or questions must be reported to the Pit Board.

    • During Late Model competition, the pit tower is open for crews and pit area spotters only. For all other divisions, the pit tower is open for spectating.


    • Pit Passes - Admittance to the pit area will only be gained by signing the necessary waiver form and paying the pit fees.

    • Concession Stand - "Rosies Dog House" is the official pit area concession at the Speedway. Rosie's has a great menu of food available as well as Pepsi products.

    • 50/50 - During the night our 50/50 staff of young ladies will be circulating the pit area. The winner of the 50/50 will be drawn following the third feature event of the night. The 50/50 directly supports the end of the year "Drivers Point Fund". Support the cause and get involved in our great 50/50 drawing!

    • Tickets - Grandstand event tickets can ONLY be purchase at Gate 3 at the main grandstand entrance. Absolutely NO grandstand tickets will gain you admittance into the pit area for any such reason.

    • Camping - Please visit our camping page for information on our campground.

    • Restrooms - There is port-a-johns located in our pit area, and also restroom facilities located in our main grandstand area.

    • Public Address Announcements - Engagements, Birthdays, Anniversary wishes, etc. can be made by bringing your request, in writing, to the pit steward. The Steward will then relay it to the announcer.

    • Control Tower and/or VIP House - Only those holding the proper credentials can gain admittance to the press box, control tower, or VIP house.

    • Disposing of Tires - For proper disposal, please place all "used up" tires by the tire trailer in the infield. There is no charge for the disposal of tires. Please do not throw tires in garbage cans, dumpsters or leave by your pit stall. It is a privilege that we dispose of the tires, free of charge, for you.

    • Crossing the track/entrance to the grandstands - The gates to get across the track will be closed during the following times

    • Hot Laps - The gates will remain closed during the entire hot lap period for all divisions

    • Heat Races - The gates will remain closed during the entire qualifying period for all divisions

    • While each individual feature is in progress. (Gate will open in between for a short period)

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