Adirondack International Speedway

AIS HISTORY ...The Development AIS

The search for large adjoining plots of land was started in the winter of 1994. The preferred location was Lewis County, New York. Although the search was not an easy task, it proved fruitful with successful land purchases starting in 1995 and continuing through 1996. Seven separate plots of land, located on or around the Artz Road in New Bremen, New York were combined to soon compromise of the Adirondack International Speedway.

Logging operations were initiated in the summer of 1996 and approximately 100 acres of woodlands were harvested. In early 1997, the focus turned to the clearing of land, building of entrance roads, construction of buildings and assembling of bleachers. In addition, sand and gravel bases for the three oval tracks (0.25-mile, 0.5-mile, and .9-mile) and the 1.5-mile road course were placed. Track foundations were increased through 1998, 1999 and completed in 2000 with the completion of concrete retainer walls on the sloped turns (approximately 750,000 tons of sand & gravel were used in and around the track site with about 150,000 tires being in-cased in concrete to support turns 3 & 4 of .9-mile track).

Paving of the 0.25-mile, 0.5-mile and the pit areas was initiated and completed in July of 2001 (approximately 100,000 tons of limestone material - see limestone blast photo, which was then topped with 8,000-10,000 ton of blacktop). While the 0.9-mile has not been completed, Lyndaker and his eager staff are forging ahead towards the original plan.

Currently, the Speedway competes on a normal basis on their 0.5-mile oval with superior asphalt racing including the popular nationwide ran ASA Challenger Late Model division. In addition the True (Street) Stocks as well as the Sport Compacts and Light Trucks continue to light up the pavement every Saturday night throughout the summer.

Outside of our normal competing divisions the Speedway also plays host to the nationally renowned NASCAR Busch East Series. With their sixth annual visit in 2007, the event was televised nationally. The first nationally televised event in Lewis County, not to mention the first in Northern New York since the Winter Olympics took center-stage at Lake Placid in 1980. Outside of the NASCAR Busch East Series, the Speedway also has hosted series’ such as the NASCAR Featherlite Modified Tour, ISMA Supermodifieds, Race of Champions Modified Tour, NORA Small-Block Supermodifieds, Dirt/Asphalt 358 Modifieds, USAC Ford Focus Midget Series, as well as the INEX Legends.

In the future the vision is simply to grow. Once the 0.9-mile oval is completed the staff eventually plans to make the Adirondack International Speedway home to a racing school, where future racers and dreamers can get time and experience right here at our wonderful facility.

In addition to complimenting the events already taking place in upstate New York, new ideas will continue to bring new events to AIS. The facility includes a beautiful campground complete with bathrooms, and showers (in a brand new bathhouse) picnic areas and a large pavilion for events, both racing and otherwise.

In the beginning we were hopeful that this facility would promote both racing and the enjoyment of the natural beauty of our area. Six years later, we are proud to say we’ve accomplished that, setting a high standard among short track facilities in America.

Adirondack's future...

Adirondack International Speedway is well on it's way to success! By creating a unique motor sports complex, AIS has drawn the attention of NASCAR, the leading motor sports organization in the country.

Economic Impact
Adirondack International Speedway's economic vision has been very clear - to provide jobs, tourism and increased revenue for Lewis County and it's surrounding areas. Paul H. Lyndaker, owner of Adirondack International Speedway, is a native of Lewis County and local businessman for more than 35 years. He believes in investing in the area's people and future. He has proven this through investing his own time and money in a venture that will make a historical impact not only on

Lewis County, but New York State as well!
Traditionally, motorsport events draw thousands of people from a very wide area. It is, therefore, our belief that these racing events will include hundreds of competitors (drivers, crews, and officials) and thousands of fans. With a schedule that will include weekly racing events, special shows, driving schools, etc., the economic impact on the area will be seen daily from April though October, supporting current businesses and creating a need for new businesses and jobs.

In Closing...

Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to visit our growing motorsports facility! We ask for your continued support in the completion of the facility that makes up "The Fastest Family Fun in Northern New York!" Learn more about our area at, make a vacation of it.